Direct Resin Bonding - workshop

A98 00 41/42

The day consists of creating an esthetic veneer with predictable color match, creating invisible Class IV and V restorations and doing a porcelain repair. Each participant will gain insight into color control, material management and proper finishing techniques. Experiences include: methods og preparation for all procedures, color change, especially opaquing and tinting, the use of opaques to block out «shine through» to create totally invisible restorations, the correct stepwise applications of body and incisal materials and contouring, characterization, polishing and finishing. The use of complete restorative system with its color coordinated microfil, hybrid opaquing and tint system will be demonstrated. The newest fourth generation bonding techniques will be described and utilized. Each participant will have complete setup which includes: model, handpiece, light, materials and instruments.

Kurset vil bli holdt på engelsk.

KursgivereRobert Mopper, USA
Tannlege David Winkler, Outrup, Danmark


StedDental Studio konferansestudio, Strømsvn. 96, Oslo

TidA980041: Torsdag 27. august 1998 kl 0900–1600
A980042: Fredag 28. august 1998 kl 0900–1600

KursavgiftKr 1900,– inklusiv lunsj og pausekaffe

Påmeldingsfrist1. juni 1998