Gerodontologi 3. sekvens - behandlingsaspekter

F98 00 38

This course will discuss issues of dental care of the elderly, with special emphasis on root caries, tooth wear and rehabilitation with complete dentures.

This course will be given in English.

KursgivereProfessor Angus W G Walls, Newcastle
Professor Poul Holm-Pedersen, Bergen



  • Ageing and age changes

  • Oral health and general health

  • Root caries

  • Tooth wear

  • Complete dentures

  • Preventive dentistry

DeltakerantallMaks 40

StedFolkets Hus, Youngsg 11, Oslo

TidFredag 21. august 1998 kl 0900-1600

KursavgiftKr 1500,– inklusiv lunsj og pausekaffe

Påmeldingsfrist1. juni 1998