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                  ENGLISH SUMMARY
Jacobsen N, Hensten A.
Islam and dental treatment
Nor Tannlegeforen Tid. 2020; 130: 508–13
The increasing number of Muslim’s in the Western society may rep- resent certain challenges connected with medical/dental treat- ment. Oral hygiene is considered to be of high value within Islam, whereas the haram/halal issues, well known for its ban of pork and other not-halal slaughtered meat products, also include prohibition of medicines and dental materials that may contain traces of pro- hibited substances. Other obstacles associated with Islam is the strict segregation of the sexes, limiting skin- and eye contact be- tween the genders and setting strong requirements to «decent» attire for women. Circumstances of this kind could represent chal- lenges in the relationship between the patient and the therapist in- cluding dental treatment. Moreover, some female patients require to be treated only by a representative of their own gender, and a Muslim female health professional may have problems with ex- posing her naked forearms. The latter is contrary to hygiene regula- tions for health personnel in clinical practice and may cause admi- nistrative controversy. Western politicians are overall willing to respect religious requirements of this kind within health care and several educational institutions within medicine and dental science have adopted relevant topics in their curricula.
This article was written before the Corona-virus situation and altered hygiene requirements.
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